[ntp:questions] [help]how to configure ntp in a private network and without extra refer clock source?

Jun Hu duanshuidao at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 15 00:41:28 UTC 2012

Hi Guys:

now, I need to configure ntp  server and client  in a private network environment, supposed that:                                          
                    |------  client D                                     
Server A     |------  client E 
Server B     | ------ client F  
                    |------  clientG 

servers and clients are all  linux  physical machine.

I want  those clients  is synchonized to Server A  or Server B ,

Both A and B are using Local clock in their mainboard , without  extra refer clock source.

why use two Servers ? I want to implemet ntp server HA :when A  became down,  clients can  be synchonized to B . 

A¡¯s ip :
B¡¯s ip :

So I configure  ntp.conf 

on A  :  
fudge stratum 11   

on B:
fudge stratum 11 

on all clients , such as D:


but I ¡°ntpq ¨Cp¡± on D :

     remote           refid                        st  t   when poll    reach   delay   offset            jitter
x192.168.227.142 LOCAL(0)        11 u    2        64       377    0.274   61.575         24.412
x192.168.227.148 LOCAL(0)        11 u   39      64       377    0.187  1820.54       23.696

My expect is that : there is at least  a   asterisk ¡°*¡± in two line, now both is ¡°x¡± , 

My question:

1.I think  client  can¡¯t be sysynchonized to Server A or Server B,  this opinion Is  right ? 

2.If  want to  appear  asterisk  , how will  I do ?    

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