[ntp:questions] [help]how to configure ntp in a private network and without extra refer clock source?

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Thu Nov 15 17:47:53 UTC 2012

David Woolley wrote:> Jun Hu wrote:
>>      remote         refid st t when poll reach delay offset  jitter
>> ===================================================================
>> x192.168.227.142 LOCAL(0) 11 u    2   64  377  0.274  61.575 24.412
>> x192.168.227.148 LOCAL(0) 11 u   39   64  377  0.187 1820.54 23.696
> Looks like it does reject both as falsetickers if their times are not
> compatible.  Compatible means that they have to agree within the maximum
> error estimate based on the resolution of the source, the worst case
> round trip asymmetry, and the allowance for drift since they last got
> their time from a time server.

They are walking away from each other;
 If you referenced _everything_ together they may walk away from UTC,
  but they should walk away together, instead of drifting apart.

At extreme risk of sounding like a broken record, I'd try something like:

#  Start ntpd with -g, the -g will prevent a panic stop if the time needs to be steped when started
# ntp.conf for ALL (Clients and/or Servers)
tos cohort 1 orphan 11
restrict default limited kod nomodify notrap
restrict source nomodify
keys "/etc/ntp.keys" # e.g. contains: 123 M YOUR_MD5_KEY
trustedkey 123
manycastclient key 123 preempt
multicastclient key 123 preempt
server iburst key 123       # If you address the server by name append preempt
server iburst key 123
pool pool.ntp.org preempt                # Won't hurt anything if the internet can't be reached

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