[ntp:questions] why does asterisk still show after the ntp server is shutdown?

Charles Elliott elliott.ch at verizon.net
Sat Nov 17 12:15:46 UTC 2012

It is also challenging, and people, especially engineers like, and often
respond to, challenges.  There are alternatives to NTPD, although some are
more complex; maybe management knows what they are doing.  I would ask one
of them if they have any suggestions as to how their accuracy requirements
can be achieved before denigrating them.  Management often has enormous
research resources they don't talk about unless asked.  Some people have
made huge contributions to their organization and careers just by taking a
hike over to the research department and asking the people there if they
have any suggestions for realizing their project's goals. 

Charles Elliott

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> Rob wrote:
> > It is not like most people really need that accuracy, but they get
> > specifications that are written up by people who do not understand
> how
> > hard it is to achieve them on standard computer and network hardware.
> IMHO those  requirements tend to be from people that have a shallow
> understanding of their problem domain.
> uwe
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