[ntp:questions] Using ntpd with custom clock

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Tue Oct 16 21:18:32 UTC 2012

Brian Utterback wrote:>> Felipe Blauth wrote:
>>> I'd like to build a custom version of ntpd with a
>>>  single change: instead of synchronizing with
>>>  operating system clock, it would synchronize with a
>>>  custom clock.
> I think the original poster is asking to do something
>  a little bit different than the usual.
> If I am reading it right, he is not asking how to get ntpd
>  to read a custom clock as a source of time (which as noted
>  is what a refclock is for).
> I think he is asking how to get ntpd to *set* a custom clock,
>  treating it as it would the system clock, so as to sync the
>  custom clock with the upstream NTP server time.

 RadClock maintains multiple clocks, and you can have
 multiple instances of it running and/or in parallel to ntpd.

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