[ntp:questions] NTP tunning for OWD measurements

David Woolley david at ex.djwhome.demon.invalid
Fri Oct 26 15:53:48 UTC 2012

pret3nder at gmail.com wrote:
> I'm sorry, I was writing this in Google Groups web interface.
> Maybe I didn't explain myself correctly: I don't want to use external time sources, only NTP,
> with the best tuning (and not tunning :D) possible. But I do have access to four stratum 1 servers, using
> GPS and PPS inputs, which I use as servers to synch my hosts to.

NTP normally implies the ntpd implementation, which supports stratum 1 

How do you intend to measure the delay asymmetry, between your NTP 
clients to the internet backbone?  This application requires using local 
stratum 1 devices.

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