[ntp:questions] NTP tunning for OWD measurements

David Woolley david at ex.djwhome.demon.invalid
Fri Oct 26 22:19:16 UTC 2012

pret3nder at gmail.com wrote:

> Also, I don't want to use NTP to directly measure the one-way delay, I have OWAMP

You can't stop it measuring the delay asymmetry!  The trouble is you 
will not have any way to obtain that value, which will tend to cancel 
out the asymmetry measured by your primary tool, assuming it depends on 
accurate time stamps!

> (more specifically perfSonar - http://www.internet2.edu/performance/pS-PS/)
> to do that for me.
The page is a commercial type hype, not a technical overview of the 
algorithms used, but the only way I know of measuring one way delay is 
synchronise the clocks somewhat better than the acceptable measurement 
error, which you can't do if the synchronisation process is vulnerable 
to the effects of the same delay asymmetry.

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