[ntp:questions] Using Trimble TSIP under Linux

Rick Jones rick.jones2 at hp.com
Mon Oct 29 23:28:51 UTC 2012

A C <agcarver+ntp at acarver.net> wrote:
> On 10/28/2012 22:36, David Taylor wrote:
> > On 29/10/2012 03:32, A C wrote:
> > []
> >> Check the main ntpd log for error messages.
> >
> > I would if I knew where to find it!

> If it's based off Debian then it's usually /var/log/ or /var/log/ntpd/ 
> otherwise find / -name ntpd.log should answer your question :)

Or an lsof command pointed at the ntpd's pid. (Assuming ntpd keeps the
log file open constantly anyway).

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