[ntp:questions] Using Trimble TSIP under Linux

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Tue Oct 30 00:18:02 UTC 2012

unruh wrote:
> Slow machine!
> What are you running on. and old original IBMPC with the 8088 processor?

A few thousand times faster.

He mentioned it was a <raspberrypi.org>
 which uses a <broadcom.com/products/BCM2835>
 which has a <arm.com/products/processors/classic/arm11/arm1176.php> core

  @700Mhz ~= 875 DMIPS, @772MHZ 965DMIPS ?
 {Comparable performance to a circa 1997 leading edge PC,
   at much less cost, and very much less power?}

e.g. as compared to
Intel 8080                  @  2MHz ~=       0.33DMIPS
Intel 386DX                 @ 33MHz ~=       9.9DMIPS
Intel Pentium               @100MHz ~=     188DMIPS
Intel Pentium Pro           @200MHz ~=     541DMIPS
PowerPC 750                 @233MHz ~=     525DMIPS
Intel Pentium III           @600MHz ~=   2,054DMIPS
Intel Core 2E X6800 2 core  @2.9GHz ~=  27,079DMIPS
AMD Phenom II  940B 4 core  @3.0GHz ~=  42,820DMIPS
AMD Phenom II 1100T 6 core  @3.3GHz ~=  78,440DMIPS
Intel Core i7 3960X 6 core  @3.3GHz ~= 177,730DMIPS

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