[ntp:questions] ntpdate function

Brian Utterback brian.utterback at oracle.com
Tue Apr 16 13:53:26 UTC 2013

On 04/15/13 12:48, unruh wrote:
> On 2013-04-15, Jacek Igalson <jacek.igalson> wrote:
>> In fact, I have used offset,
>> delay is recorded by the way.
>> It indicates how asymmetric might be the trip.
> No. It says nothing about the asymmetry. Just about the delay. Now you
> might make the assumption that a longer delay is probably a delay in
> only one leg of the path, implying asymmetry (which is what ntpd does in
> its clock filter algorithm) and that might often be a reasonable
> assumption, expecially if the delay is is say twice as long as usual, it
> is often a very bad assumption for slightly longer delays.

That was my first reaction when I read it. But I think that what he is 
saying is that delay tells you the *maximum* error that can be 
introduced by asymmetry. If the path were completely symmetric the value 
of delay would not matter.


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