[ntp:questions] Synchronizing against a free-running server

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Mon Apr 22 20:00:18 UTC 2013

detha wrote:
> A bunch of Win7 PCs and embedded systems, W2K8 PDC,
>  and one or two Linux boxen.
> One needs to be able to match timestamps in logfiles
>  between boxes.

If "Match" means within however they all drift apart between
 during the time between when the clock are correctly reset.

Is that going to be Matchmaking within a Minute ?

The way people solve the issue of not having external
 comm for sysc, nor GPS (far underground ?),
 is to have a local reference like a rubidium / cesium
 frequency source {or perhaps a cheaper less accurate
  TCXO / OCXO}, so that it can keep time within spec.

  See ANSI T1.101 Table 2, or a doc that references it;
   e.g. <http://www.spectratime.com/product_downloads/an_itu_ansi.pdf>

FYI, you can buy a NTP server with an internal "atomic" frequency
 reference from dozens (hundreds ?) of  vendors like BrandyWine,
 Elproma, EndRunTechnologies, HP, OscilloQuartz, SpectraTime,
 Symmetricom, Unitronix, ...;

 As well as things like single unit  appliance GPS Antenna / NTP server.

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