[ntp:questions] NTP servers in INIT state

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Thu Apr 25 00:01:19 UTC 2013

Lakshmi Kuruganti wrote:
> Hi all, Our NTP peers are showing up in INIT state on solaris11.
> I did a bit of troubleshooting and i think we are coming across authentication issue.
> I am not seeing any  key files for NTP on solairs, any help is highly appreciated.

e.g. in ntp.conf:
keys "/etc/ntp.keys" # e.g. contains: 123 M LAN_MD5_KEY , 321 M Corp_MD5_KEY , ...
trustedkey 123 321

ntp.conf: trustedkey 12345
ntp.keys: 12345 M BlahBlahBlah

 Figure 1. Typical Symmetric Key File

See Also: 16 vs 20 byte keys thread

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