[ntp:questions] Thunderbolt at NTP ref clock.

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Dave, Pulse stretcher circuit here: http://www.vk2hmc.net/blog/?p=583
Lady Heather software can adjust PPS pulse width amongst many other things.
LH is available here: http://www.ke5fx.com/heather/readme.htm


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In article <MPG.2c64c32b36947228989685 at aioe.org>, spam.goes at nowhere.com says...
> Took a look at the TB's PPS signal last night, & yes, 20ns duration, 
> and though it can be turned -ve (as in 0 to -5V) or off, the width 
> can't be changed.

My error.  20 micro seconds pulse width!  (Not nanno....)  It's too hot here.

Dave B.

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