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Ah, there was something wrong between the scope and DUT..
Me! I had the scope set to using x10 probe when I was using x1 probe..
So that is 3.3 peak to peak AM and carrier is 2v peak to peak..

I think it's something to do with the ALSA emulating OSS (/dev/audio and /dev/mixer)


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> I have a Datum 9390 and the Thin client I want to feed the IRIG signal 
> into only has microphone level input.
> Looking at the signal on a scope, unterminated its 33v peak to peak 
> with about a 20v peak to peak 1KHz carrier into an unterminated load.
> Levels go down to about 1.2v into 100K load.
> Can anyone tell me if there is a standard level (preferably in dB) for 
> IRIG-B signal out of a receiver?

There is a wide amplitude range, to account for attenuation and loading from multiple receivers.

Find a copy of the IRIG standard.  Start here:

Joe Gwinn

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