[ntp:questions] Failure modes on Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit

Olo Burrows bote.prodigy at gmail.com
Mon Aug 12 10:47:42 UTC 2013

Has anyone experienced a failure of the Meinberg ntp binaries to run on Windows Server 2008 R2?

I have my suspicions that "something" is odd about this refurbished Dell R610 server with brand new installation of 2008 R2 because another package was balky when its installation routine came to the point of installing it as a service.

I allowed it to take the many hours required to apply all the Windows Updates to bring it current, who knows if one of those munged something on which ntp depends.

Event Viewer was reporting a missing dependency of libeay.dll with VC90 (machine is at the shop and on an isolated network, so message is from memory). I uninstalled ntp and re-installed it without OpenSSL support, then it complained about the missing SSL support. Catch-22.

Regardless of the SSL issue the only consistent error message is that ntp refused to start in a timely manner, which is evidenced by its refusal to start period, but I can't pinpoint why. The firewall has exceptions, in fact I even disabled the firewall temporarily and that didn't change anything. I've given the ntp user ownership and full access permissions to that directory tree, no good. I've uninstalled and rebooted and tried a number of tweaks, all to no avail. I'm out of ideas and time at this point.

In the past year I have installed the Meinberg ntp distribution on a few other 64-bit Windows Server 2008 machines as well as a number of 32-bit machines all without trouble. If I can't get it running on this one I'll have to rely on another ntp server on the target network and hope that Windows sntp can sync this machine to that source.

Thanks for any pointers to troubleshooting this. I can't say enough thanks to the developers and maintainers of this package!

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