[ntp:questions] slow SHM time source

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Mon Aug 12 19:01:53 UTC 2013

Nikolai Orekhov wrote:
> ntpd 4.2.6
> I've got a SHM driver source but time samples can come very rarely.
>  May be once per 30min or once per 1min.
> Also I've got an NTP server.
> I know that it's not good to have two servers so I've
>  marked them both "true". Also "maxpoll 3" and "iburst"
>  is set on both of them.
> The problem is when SHM driver receives a sample
>  ( only one sample ) than somehow it's jitter becomes
>  = 0.01 and it becomes sys.peer instead of ntp
>  server which becomes candidate.
>   Still it's dispersion is about 3900.

Prefer the NTP server?

Setting them to true sounds like a recipe for disaster?

Maxpoll 3 sounds excessive?  Does it cause a lot of jitter?

 Especially on something that updates only once every minute
  to 30 minutes, in fact anything faster than minpoll 5
  on that resource should be of no value.

 Certainly don't set minpoll or maxpoll that low for a NTP
  server that does not belong to you.

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