[ntp:questions] Order of servers in ntp.conf

David Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk.invalid
Wed Aug 14 15:52:58 UTC 2013

On 13/08/2013 20:52, Nils Brubaker wrote:
> For ntpd 4.2.4p6 running on Linux, is there any significance to the order
> of servers in the ntp.conf file?  Will ntpd synchronize with the first
> available/good time server in the list?
> Thanks,
> Nils Brubaker

The order you list likely determines the order shown in an "ntpq -p" 
results billboard.  That's the command you should use to check the sync 
status.  See the section "Tally Codes" in:


Why run such an old version?

The "synchronized to" messages relate to a switch of servers.  If the 
servers are all of a similar quality, this is sometimes referred to as 
"clock hopping", but otherwise it may indicate that the data from server 
A is now worse than that from server B (perhaps because of Internet 
loading), so NTP switches from A to B.
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