[ntp:questions] Ublox binary commands via gpsctl

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Mon Aug 19 20:15:03 UTC 2013

Anthony Stirk wrote:
> I'm trying to set a specific dynamic model (Stationary*)
>   on the ublox module on my Raspberry Pi.
>  This is achieved by sending a binary command to the module.
> I'm struggling to work out how to issue this command to
>  the module via gpsctl.
> ...
> To ascertain if the command is working I've been trying
>  to send the cold boot command which is
> \xB5 \x62 \x06 \x04 \x04 \x00 \xFF \x87 \x00 \x00 \x94 \xF5
> ...
> sudo gpsctl -t "uBlox UBX binary" -b -D 5 -x \xB5 \x62 \x06
>  \x04 \x04 \x00 \xFF \x87 \x00 \x00 \x94 \xF5

e.g. ? <http://lindi.iki.fi/lindi/gps/gpsctl2.txt>

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