[ntp:questions] manual change on clock time seems to inhibit ntp service.

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Tue Aug 20 19:17:18 UTC 2013

Sebastien WILLEMIJNS wrote:> David Taylor wrote:
>> Generally, NTP prefers to be left alone to do the job for
>>  which it was designed.
> i agree. the main goal is to keep the PC with correct time :)
>> What are you trying to prove?
> than the ntp server can not repair human/softwares errors.
>  i know it is very rare these changes will occurs.

No application can overcome the ability of people
 to make a mess out of something.

The best you'll likely get is a panic stop out of NTP.

 If the artificial offset is less than panic,
  and ntp had settled to long polls, you will likely have
  to wait many hours for ntp to get back to performing
  the way it was before something messed with the systems time.

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