[ntp:questions] refid question

Rob nomail at example.com
Sat Aug 24 17:42:34 UTC 2013

Michael Dolan <dolanmisc at gmail.com> wrote:
> Long time reader first time writer…
> I've exhausted my search for refid .FLY. and its meaning.
> Our stratum 2 client reported Stratum 1 appliance (Symmetricon S200) initialized with .GPS. but after ~ 24 hours the refid switched to .FLY. and the offset has been steadily increasing.
> Any guidance to what this means appreciated.


If the reference becomes unavailable, the HW Clock uses the next highest
available reference in the list.  If no other references are available,
the HW Clock provides holdover by "flywheeling" on its oscillator until a
reference becomes available again. During this time, "REF" on the front
panel TIME screen (press the TIME button) is "None", while the "NTP
Stratum" remains "1".  “REF” on the front panel NTP Status screen
(press the STATUS button) changes to “FLY”.

The following ref ids are used by the SyncServer:
GPS GPS satellite)
IRIG IRIG B timecode
PPS Ext. 1 PPS input
E10M Ext. 10 MHz input
FREE Internal Clock
FLY Internal Clock after the Hardware
Clock reference is lost

Apparently your first Symmetricon S200 has lost its reference.  It
needs attention.

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