[ntp:questions] Start of new GPS 1024 week epoch

Rob nomail at example.com
Sun Aug 25 17:48:50 UTC 2013

Martin Burnicki <martin.burnicki at meinberg.de> wrote:
> Extracting some refclock driver code from ntpd, modify it so that it 
> uses the SHM interface instead of ntpd's "native" refclock interface, 
> and putting all this into an own Windows service would be quite some effort.
> Maybe it would make more sense to try to port gpsd or something similar 
> to Windows, if this is not yet supported.

The SHM interface in gpsd is Unix-specifc (shmget/shmat).
Maybe it is better to investigate what SHM interfaces Windows supports
and find if one of them is compatible with something available on
Linux/Unix, and then use that as the SHM for the new improved driver.

That would make the porting between Unix and Windows easier.

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