[ntp:questions] Raspberry Pi error in PPM offset

David Woolley david at ex.djwhome.demon.invalid
Tue Aug 27 07:30:39 UTC 2013

On 27/08/13 02:46, james.peroulas at gmail.com wrote:

> That's actually my code so I'm very familiar with it :) I'm hard coding a 2.5ppm offset to compensate for the difference between the measured frequency and the ntp reported frequency. The reason I'm posting is that I'm unhappy with this workaround and has hoping to dig down and eventually find the real problem :)

The real problem, as well as being about two feet to the right of my 
screen, could be in the trade secret hardware/system management mode 
code on the Broadcom device underlying the Pi.  As already pointed out, 
it is of no real consequence for the intended use of NTP, which is only 
interested in the clock as seen by the software.

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