[ntp:questions] NTPD silently not tracking

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Sat Aug 31 00:43:36 UTC 2013

Magnus Danielson wrote:> BlackLists wrote:
>> What ntpdc commands did you issue, and what results did you get?

> Unfortunatly no. I got the call after the fact,
>  but lack of remote login due to time error would prohibit
>  me from doing anything anyway.
> The server needed to be operational rather than optimize
>  for NTP debugging.

What ntpdc commands did the other people issue?

Kinda hard to try and duplicate / troubleshoot with no real info,
 except its broke.

>> Have you tried a newer version of NTP ?

> No, I listed the affected version as packaged by Debian.

Supposing there is an real issue,
 perhaps it has already been fixed in a more recent version.

> It has 2 stratum 1 and 3 stratum 2 unicast servers configured.
>  NTP wise this machine is a client with 5 configured servers.
> The problem was that it was way off time with no apparent indication,
>  which is wrong.

Don't use Undisciplined Local Clock

 It can run away all by itself, and there is nothing wrong with that.
  If that is a issue change to orphan.

Provide all information necessary to duplicate & troubleshoot the issue?

 ntp.conf, (obstruficate as necessary);
  ntpdc commands issued to monitor the server.

Without those, I don't think anyone can hope to guess if there really is a issue,
 or even begin to troubleshoot the issue if it does exist.

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