[ntp:questions] Silly question.

David Lord snews at lordynet.org
Mon Dec 16 14:19:52 UTC 2013

DaveB wrote:
> In article <K7KdnW2T7OnhKDDPnZ2dnUVZ_rOdnZ2d at supernews.com>, 
> lausts at acm.org says...
>> If you built it from a port, it gets installed in /usr/local/bin.  The
>> default system built ntp programs go in /usr/bin or /usr/sbin.
>> Tom
> Thanks Tom (and the rest of the collective)..
> That's exactly were it was hiding (in plain sight!)
> I've added override variables in /etc/rc.conf to point to both ntpd and 
> ntpdate that are located in /usr/local/bin.
> I also see there is a companion ntpq in there too, but in 
> /etc/default/rc.conf  There is no "default" path set to that program.
> For now, I've a commented out line in /etc/rc.conf
> # ntpq_program="/usr/local/bin/ntpq"
> Commented out as I don't know if that will work.  (I'm still re-
> educating myself with the neuances of BSD, it's been a while.)
> Ntpdate was only run the one time to yank the box to current date-time, 
> but ntpq is of course run as needed to see what's happening, often over 
> a sshd session, if I get an email from someone wondering why something 
> appears to have gone awry, on a yet to be reinstated webpage.
> For now, having stopped ntpd, applied the changes I need in /etc/rc.conf 
> then restarted ntpd, sure enough, the Meinberg monitor program on the 
> Windows PC accross the room now reports the BSD box is running ntpd 
> 4.2.6p5 at built on December the 14th at 10:15 UTC, that is 
> indeed the day and time I built it.  So...  So far, so good.
> Comments would be appreciated re setting the path to ntpq, but for now, 
> all's working, while I figure out what next to do...

Again this is from NetBSD-6 rather than FreeBSD-5.2.1.

I have /etc/profile used to set profile for newly created users
and have changed PATH so /usr/local/(s)bin is found before
/usr/pkg/(s)bin before /(s)bin. I also updated .profile and
.bash_profile for existing users.

Note this is a security risk if users can drop programs in


> Best Regards.
> Dave B.

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