[ntp:questions] Monitoring ntp synchronization status

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Tue Jul 9 03:12:50 UTC 2013

Orna Sumszyk wrote:

> (I only have one server in my private network

Should be easy to test then.

> Should I do things differently?

Try unpluging the client's network cable,
 (or stop the ntpd on your ntp server)
 and wait a long time to see it says not synchronized?

 Depending on the client's frequency stability,
  and the client's MaxPoll for the NTP server
  it could take days (at e.g. Maxpoll 10).

   You can speed this up for testing however.
   e.g. If you set the Client's MaxPoll to 6 for _your_ server
    then wait for the client to stabilize,
    then disconnect the network path between the client and server,
    within about 9 minutes you should see it go unsync;
     however in associations ntpq -clas,
      you should see the condition change from sys.peer (or candidate),
      and the last_event change from sys_peer (or reachable)
       in less then three minutes.

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