[ntp:questions] NTP makes a time jump

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Wed Jul 10 17:00:23 UTC 2013

karpekin at gmail.com wrote:
> Some news from testing. Setup:
>  - server, with timeshift 14 sec, config:
> tos maxdist 16
> tinker step 0
> server
> server
> server iburst minpoll 4
> fudge stratum 12
> driftfile /etc/ntp/ntp.drift
>  - two clients, config:
> tos maxdist 16
> tinker step 0
> server iburst
> driftfile  /tmp/ntp.drift
> On the boot, server has no access to uplink servers.
>  as soon as clients are paired to server, I connect "island"
>  to main network. Server discovers it, connects to one of
>  uplink servers and starts slewing (as expected).
> However, the problem comes from my clients.
> After 2-5 minutes, they reject my "crazy slewing" server
>  with flash=1440 (pkt_dist, peer_dist, peer_unfit).
>  here is ntpq -rv of one of them after it rejected server:
> ...
> offset=158.878, delay=4.959, dispersion=15937.500, jitter=0.000,
> ...

Nothing should trust that dispersion !
 The ntp clients are working as they are designed to?

> The question is:
> How can I force now the clients to follow the server?

Use something other than normal ntpd ?

 ... or wait for about 9 to 12 minutes with the minpoll 4
   on the server, and the default minpoll 6 on the clients;
  On the other hand, if the clients had already ramped the
   poll for the server up to the default maxpoll (10)
    you might have to wait about 2.5hrs.

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