[ntp:questions] Accuracy of audio tones via VOIP

Robert Scott no-one at notreal.invalid
Tue Jul 16 00:30:49 UTC 2013

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>I'll also note, that some piano tuners claim to have delt
> with this issue using the NIST-SIP stack.
>  {Perhaps it somehow gave them access to some data,
>    that let them evaluate the situation?}

I was unable to find anything on this.  I would appreciate a pointer,
or some terms on which I could search and find this claim.

>Have you really been fiddling with NIST audio time tones,
> and VOIP since ~2006?
>If you haven't found your answers by now without testing it yourself,
> you likely won't without testing it yourself,
> or paying someone (e.g. NIST) to do it for you.

I have been fiddleing with NIST tones for calibration of audio apps
since 1997, but only recently has the subject of VOIP come up with my
customers.  As for why I posted in this NG, after following it for
some time I see that members here have a wide range of knowledge of
precision time and frequency topics.  I doubt that any VOIP NG would
have any interest or expertise in such things.

Robert Scott
Hopkins, MN

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