[ntp:questions] stepout value

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Thu Jul 25 22:25:13 UTC 2013

unruh wrote:> from 4.2.6p5 source code
> ../ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c:#define CLOCK_MINSTEP   900.    /* default stepout threshold (s) */
> You can change this with either the -x or the tinker options.
> What it means is that if the system finds that the time offset is larger
> than 128 ms for more than 900 sec, then the system steps the clock.

(Shrug) ...

from ntp-dev-4.2.7p3##/ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c source code
#define CLOCK_MINSTEP   300.   /* default stepout threshold (s) */

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