[ntp:questions] Clock selection in Orphan Mode

Mathieu Deltorre deltorrem at gmail.com
Fri Jul 26 13:03:48 UTC 2013


I'm working to configure NTP in an isolated network (no UTC source time
I have 3 PCs configured in orphan mode and broadcast mode :
  tos orphan 1
  tos orphanwait 0
  tinker panic 0
adress IP PC1 :
adress IP PC2 :
adress IP PC3 :

All is fine: When started ntp daemon on each PCs, after a while, PC2 and
PC3 are synchronized to PC1 (LOOP refid). I've seen in html NTP
documentation and in NTP code, that clock selection is based on the lowest
adress IP (adress IP of PC1 in my case).
First question : Is my undestanding is correct ?

Second question:
My needs is to synchronize network time to the maximum time of all PCs.
So, if time of PC1 is 10h00min , time of PC2 is 11h00min  and time of PC3
is 12h00min.
After started ntp daemon, I would like to have PC1 and PC2 synchronized to
PC3 (refid LOOP).
I'm wondering if selecting clock based on maximum times (or offsets) is

Thanks for your answers.

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