[ntp:questions] Clock selection in Orphan Mode

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Fri Jul 26 20:04:21 UTC 2013

Mathieu Deltorre wrote:
> I'm working to configure NTP in an isolated network
>  (no UTC source time available).
> I have 3 PCs configured in orphan mode and broadcast mode :
>   broadcast
>   broadcastclient
>   tos orphan 1

I'd set that higher like maybe 10 {then maybe that's just me}.

>   tos orphanwait 0
>   tinker panic 0
> adress IP PC1 :
> adress IP PC2 :
> adress IP PC3 :
> All is fine: When started ntp daemon on each PCs,
>   after a while, PC2 and PC3 are synchronized to PC1 (LOOP refid).
>  I've seen in html NTP documentation and in NTP code,
>   that clock selection is based on the lowest adress IP
>  (adress IP of PC1 in my case).
> First question : Is my undestanding is correct ?

Really, references?
 I doubt it, unless you mean as a final tie breaker,
  everything else being equal (which is fairly unlikely).

 The way to tell, is to just read the source code.

> Second question:
> My needs is to synchronize network time to the maximum time
>  of all PCs.
> So, if time of PC1 is 10h00min , time of PC2 is 11h00min
>   and time of PC3 is 12h00min.
> After started ntp daemon, I would like to have PC1 and PC2
>  synchronized to PC3 (refid LOOP).
> I'm wondering if selecting clock based on maximum times
>  (or offsets) is acceptable.

I suppose you can modify ntpd, or otherwise influence it
 (via ntpdc?) by changing prefer(s) however you want.

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