[ntp:questions] hello, I have a question about NTPD service in LAN use a host as time source two other host as client

xiaoniao54321 at gmail.com xiaoniao54321 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 13 03:49:18 UTC 2013

I‘v recently start a work about NTP,it's about a ntp sync in 
winodws LAN,no GPS,only a host as server,two host as client.But Ican't sync 
the time ,because the server clock and reftime is not the same.I use ntpq-c 
rv to query the time,but I,v got a different reftime and clock,especially I 
adjust  the server time to a time before it .

I had run ntpq -c rv on CMD.it shows lisk:
reftime=d5639c52.13c08ef6 thu,jun 13 2012 9:18:10:077,pool=10,
clock=d5639c68.5717350d thu,jun 13 2012 9:18:10:340,state=4,
I know that the clock above shows system clock of host as time source,

but if the clock item up shows the current system time,when I changed  the clock below on the right taskbar of my system to 9:01.set local host as time source, 

run ntpq -c rv on cmd but the clock item didn't changed to 9:01,that's why?

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