[ntp:questions] hello, I have a question about NTPD service in LAN use a host as time source two other host as client

David Woolley david at ex.djwhome.demon.invalid
Thu Jun 13 07:08:39 UTC 2013

xiaoniao54321 at gmail.com wrote:
> I‘v recently start a work about NTP,it's about a ntp sync in 
> winodws LAN,no GPS,only a host as server,two host as client.But Ican't sync 
> the time ,because the server clock and reftime is not the same.I use ntpq-c 
> rv to query the time,but I,v got a different reftime and clock,especially I 
> adjust  the server time to a time before it .

I'm having difficulty understanding the above.  Try to use very simple 
language, but try not to keep it short.  With a longer description, one 
can better guess the meaning of parts one doesn't understand.  Also, 
please include a description in your native language (I would guess that 
is Chinese).

> I had run ntpq -c rv on CMD.it shows lisk:
> reftime=d5639c52.13c08ef6 thu,jun 13 2012 9:18:10:077,pool=10,
> clock=d5639c68.5717350d thu,jun 13 2012 9:18:10:340,state=4,
> offset=0.000,frequency=0.000,jitter=0.000,noise=0.000,stability=0.000,tai=0
> I know that the clock above shows system clock of host as time source,

You need the output from peers and the rv output for the associations of 
each of your servers.

> but if the clock item up shows the current system time,when I changed  the clock below on the right taskbar of my system to 9:01.set local host as time source, 
> run ntpq -c rv on cmd but the clock item didn't changed to 9:01,that's why?

ntpd is not designed to correct sabotage.  Real time servers do not 
suddenly change the time, and andy fault that causes the client to do so 
needs fixing before using ntpd.  In particular, it will shut down if the 
clock is wrong by more than a few minutes.

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