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Thu Jun 13 17:49:15 UTC 2013

On 2013-06-13, patrick200075011 at gmail.com <patrick200075011 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi
> The super stable means easily 1ppm which means about one second every 16 days. Get a look to www.matel-fordahl.fr or www.kvg-gmbh.de . However my PCB can be implemented with classics DIL14 pins 1 7 8 14 footprints for people who has very bad computer clock or simply wants to put the clock outside the hot computer box or even outside the hot computer room.

1PPM is not what I would call super stable. That is 1 usec per second. 

> My goal is to keep internal machines on time to each other more than to keep an absolute clock. The internal ntp is enough for that as networks are 100M or 1 giga. The PPS is used only to MY stratum 0 (my PCB has 2 outputs as the max232 has 2 but I am using only one for the ntpd).
> The orphan mode is never used as long as a source is available. The IS always available, it is this one that I need to get rid after the initialization.

You should NEVER use the local clock. 

> The problem is here: I need the local for initialization. But the local later on makes a conflict because it is a bad source.

Why do you need the local for initialization?

> The time1 and time2 would have been the solution to adjust the phase on startup but I don't want to do that on each power up. I can do that if I would be able to use back quotes to call a script.
> Cheers

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