[ntp:questions] Standalone PPS

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Thu Jun 13 23:09:13 UTC 2013

patrick200075011 at gmail.com wrote:
> I am trying run an electronic board I designed.
> A super stable OXCO generates pulse per second.
> The super stable means easily 1ppm which means about one second every 16 days.

I'm not certain you are getting what you think you are getting out of that.
 consider: ANSI T1.101 Table 2 Clock Performance Requirements
Stratum  Free-Run  Holdover Accuracy  Slip Rate @        Rearrangement
Level    Accuracy   in 1st 24 Hours    DS-1 Rate          MTIE
  1        1x10-11       N/A          ≤1 Slip in 72 days  N/A
  2      1.6x10-8       1x10-10       ≤1 Slip in 13 days  1 μs
  3E     4.6x10-6       1x10-8        ≤7 Slips in 1 day   1 μs
  3      4.6x10-6     3.7x10-7      ≤255 Slips in 1 day   1 μs
  4       32x10-6        N/A              N/A             1 μs

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