[ntp:questions] ntp-b.boulder.nist.gov not synchronized

Jason bmwjason at bmwlt.com
Fri Jun 14 00:58:54 UTC 2013

Since about 1800 Eastern time (US) on 10Jun, ntp-a.boulder.nist.gov is 
sending "clock unsynchronized". This is one of two NIST-supported, 
_authenticated_, timeservers (the other is ntp-b.nist.gov).

We are regulatorily required to confirm twice daily that our system's 
time (derived from GPS) is within 1 second of "official" US Gov't time 
(NIST). There is a legal requirement for NIST here, otherwise I'd just 
say that USNO (root of Air Force's GPS traceability) is within ~20nS of 
NIST and move on.

The maintainer, Dr. Judah Levine at NIST Boulder, is unavailable.

Other contacts I've tried at NIST Boulder have been unhelpful.

Does anyone have a contact, short of the director of Time and Frequency, 
(Mr O'Brian, I think), that they could direct me to?

Barring that, I may have to find a modem and  hook it up so the host can 
dial ACTS (positive ID via published telephone #), then have the 
company's software folks adapt their code.



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