[ntp:questions] ntpd connect gpsd shared memory driver

Rob nomail at example.com
Tue Jun 18 19:06:23 UTC 2013

You also need to wait a bit longer before giving up, especially when
you have been frantically changing things and restarting the different
daemons (but not the entire system).

ntpd does not like that.

> Yeah, I agree. This definitely seems like the problem. I have pps support
> built into the kernel. Should I remove that support? It's slightly
> confusing to me who "controls" the pps line as there are several actors in
> play here...gpsd, ntpd, the kernel.

I think with kernel pps you somewhere have to define what line is
to be used for the pps.  Some specification of a tty device and a
line (e.g. DCD).  I don't remember how it works exactly.  However,
for testing with gpsd it seems best to remove that definition for now.

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