[ntp:questions] ntp & system without a rtc

folkert folkert at vanheusden.com
Fri May 10 14:36:15 UTC 2013


I have a raspberry pi system. This is a computer without a real time
clock. So everytime I power it on, it uses starts where it left off
which might be days earlier. It is connected only very occasionally to
the internet so syncing to that won't work. It does have, however, a gps
connected. But as it is switched mostly for less than an hour, ntpd
won't have the time to adjust the time to what the gps returns to it.
So I was wondering: is there a utility/a trick out there that picks the
current time from a gps and then "jumps" the time to what it should be?
It does not need to be very accurate - a couple of seconds off is ok
(just not hours or days).

Any ideas?


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