[ntp:questions] Need : Meinberg NTP client configuration to immediately correct to server time

Andy Munoz renoandy775 at gmail.com
Fri May 17 22:56:22 UTC 2013

I am using the Meinberg ntpd 4.2.4 deamon to syncronize a client pc to another server pc on my network.  The client time cannot be trusted.
 The problem I am having is that if the client time drifts out too far as a result of a network loss, it does not appear to resync and correct its clock to conform to the server's true time.

I havetried using "server xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx. iburst minpoll 4 maxpoll 5
to be more agressive with getting the client to poll but it symply resyncs without forcing a time jump and only over a long period of time do I see the client correct itself to the Server's time.
I am aware of W32Time Max Phase Correction but can't seem to find similar control with meinberg.  I wish to continue to use meinberg since the client may act as a server or peer for a subnet.  
Does anyone know how to configure this application to have the client always burst and update its clock to lock onto the NTP server in the similar manner as the IBURST behavior when the client first starts up ?

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