[ntp:questions] Tighter regulation?

David Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk.invalid
Mon May 20 09:07:16 UTC 2013

On 20/05/2013 08:58, Mischanko, Edward T wrote:
> Hello friends,
> Does anyone know what setting can be changed that will cause
> tighter regulation of the offset.  My goal is to get clk_wander to
> equal as close to zero as possible more often.  I would also like
> to see the frequency adjusted with every change in offset data;
> it currently does not appear to do that; it seems to be random.
> I am monitoring a Windows XP client.
> Regards,
> Ed

Ed, does reducing maxpoll help?  That's assuming it doesn't contravene 
the terms of use of the server, of course.  Does adding more servers help?
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