[ntp:questions] ntp architecture

Riccardo Castellani ric.castellani at alice.it
Tue May 21 12:31:51 UTC 2013

What do you think about this NTP configuration for my company ?

I have n.1 NTP 
server called 'A' (which is among private and pubblic network) and it retrieves 
time from 4 time servers on Internet.
I have n.2 NTP server called 'B' and 'C' 
(which are in private network) and they are used from clients as primary and 
secondary NTP.


n.4 srv Internet--> server A

server A --> server B
A --> server C

A is my internal source
B,C are cluster machine so hardware 
is reliable but I don't want to present these servers directly  on pubblic 

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