[ntp:questions] Offset is always increasing

David Woolley david at ex.djwhome.demon.invalid
Tue May 21 20:52:30 UTC 2013

Riccardo Castellani wrote:

> server
> fudge 
> stratum 10 # show poor quality

Remove these until you get it working, and then only re-add them if the 
system is serving time to downstream systems and you really understand 
why you are using them.  Leaf systems never need it and most 
intermediate ones don't.  It can sometimes cause problems on the server 
on which is configured.

> 20 May 14:38:20 xntpd[19386]: synchronized to LOCAL(1), stratum=10
> 20 

What version of ntpd are you using.  Some vendors failed to track the 
renaming back to ntpd, but, otherwise, you have an extremely obsolete 
> How can I solve it ?

If the offset smoothly ramps up, you have a broken clock.  If it 
suddenly jumps, especially if there is fixed interval between jumps, you 
have something else trying to discipline the clock, usually a cron job 
that copies the time from the RTC.

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