[ntp:questions] Offset is always increasing

Riccardo Castellani ric.castellani at alice.it
Thu May 23 11:08:07 UTC 2013

What do you think if I set drift file to '0' value ?
Do you think this ntp 
behaviour happens again ?

I'm able not to understand if my problem is hardware 
clock frequency which ntp cannot deal !

"Riccardo Castellani" writes:
> I 
can see usually offset increases until 700 or 800 and it keeps this value,
It keeps this value means it's stable for many months, it's doesnt change

That's kinda good that it doesn't change, and NTP is designed to handle
of drift.  That value was at least 2x the worst clock normally

So if you 
can look at the tickadj program and calc_tickadj, you might be
able to adjust 
the system clock to be moch more stable.  Ideally the
drift value should be the 
smallest possible positive number, and that's
what calc_tickadj tries to do.


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