[ntp:questions] Offset is always increasing

Riccardo Castellani ric.castellani at alice.it
Thu May 23 19:03:52 UTC 2013

My thought this NTP architecture :
- n.1 server Linux (both on public and on private network) and It contains
n. 4 NTP servers having stratum 1. This server gives time only to following
- n.3 server blade HP-UX where each server points to NTP server Linux. These
3 servers give time to clients

Client configuration contains always these 3 servers so I have redundance;
I'd like to avoid to present my 3 servers directly on public network because
they host db and other services.
My Linux server has no problems and its time clock is all right.

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>> My guess is that your problem is because you have only two
>> sources, one that has offset 0 ms but stratum 10 and a second
>> with an offset that can increase because ntpd can't discard
>> the value from the local clock but will discard the stratum 1
>> source when its offset is large.
>> Are you able to use one or preferably more good time sources,
>> ntp, gps or radio?
>> David

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