[ntp:questions] time to sync vs ptp?

Rob nomail at example.com
Thu May 30 19:21:15 UTC 2013

matthew.garman at gmail.com <matthew.garman at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have a server running NTP 4.2.2 (as part of the RedHat 5.7 release).  Last night I changed it's /etc/ntp.conf file, specifically the "server xyz" line to point to a new NTP server.
> After doing this, the clock's offset was *increasing* after an hour.  Offset is measured by "ntpdate -q peer".

This is a wellknown problem.
When you do a couple of ntpd shutdown/restarts e.g. because you
a experimenting with different server configurations, the combination
of ntpd and the kernel goes haywire and it will actually steer the time
the wrong way.

Just wait a day or so, and it will have solved itself.

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