[ntp:questions] GPS/PPS and "enable calibrate"

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Horvath Bob-BHORVAT1 schrieb:
> I am trying to get a raspberry pi GPS-based stratum server functioning and I am confused how to use the "enable calibrate" function.  
> The server is a raspberry pi with the Adafruit MTK339 GPS chipset.  It is running the image from here... http://ntpi.openchaos.org/downloads/
> BTW, thanks to all the raspberry pi NTP guys out there that have gotten me this far!!
> Bob
this runs perfectly for me:

OK, maybe I'll have to try that image.  

In general though, when it comes to this line...

  fudge flag1 1 time2 0.496

... how do you know what value to set for time2?  

Did you got through the instructions here?


... or are you using 0.496 - what is shown on the http://open.konspyre.org/blog/2012/10/18/raspberry-pi-time-server/ ?


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