[ntp:questions] GPS/PPS and "enable calibrate"

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On 2013-09-07, Charles Elliott <elliott.ch at verizon.net> wrote:

> Or use PPS and be accurate to  a microsecond or so.

I guess this is the fundamental question I don't understand.  

I thought with PPS, which I do have using the Adafruit GPS and a Raspberry Pi, I would be fairly accurate off of the GPS time and PPS together.   Then I started seeing fudge parameters of 0.496 which seem to work well, but seem like a large amount of time to be "fudging" for something that is supposed to already be accurate.  That is in seconds, right? So it is about a half a second?  I am confused what that parameter does, what it needs to be set to, and how one figures out what to set it to, or whether I am just really confused. 

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