[ntp:questions] Standalone Windows XP/7 Machine Needs to Serve NTP

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Wed Sep 11 16:17:46 UTC 2013

nospam.swstadel at gmail.com wrote:
>>> ... ntpd assumes that time does not have discontinuities.
> Hm.  This seems like a problem for me.
> What I essentially have is a simulated GPS environment
>  running on the laptop, where I need to be able to restart
>  a scenario, which in turn would restart time, of course.
> Time can therefore jump hours or even days,
>  either backward or forward.
> Other applications on the laptop and the connected Linux
>  devices need to know time from the simulation and stay synchronized.

Although that is abnormal, I don't see the problem.

Unlike normal ntpd use;
 Use server Undisciplined Local Clock (LOCAL) ONLY,
  Fudge it to True,
 Restart ntpd when you jump the time around with your simulator?

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