[ntp:questions] FW: nortel trible NTBW50AA boards SCPI command access

Mark C. Stephens marks at non-stop.com.au
Fri Sep 13 12:27:48 UTC 2013

I have a couple of these boards and I have modified one to access the SCPI command port available on the 'Z-Pack' rear connector.
The addition is simple but effective giving the TSIP front panel serial port plus the "cellular" serial port.
Note that you will now have 2 separate connectors for the different control modes.

One obvious use for the SCPI port could be for NTPD.
The NTBW50AA is lacking 1PPS but has a very accurate 2 Hz pulse ideal for NTPD.

Unfortunately the :syst:stat? command is lacking in the firmware.

If anyone in interested in the details I'll prepare a doc and share?


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