[ntp:questions] ISP bloked port 123

Rod Dorman rodd at panix.com
Mon Sep 16 20:07:04 UTC 2013

In article <8f96bffbd9de4d6e9ffcf125106920d8 at AMSPR03MB177.eurprd03.prod.outlook.com>,
Bert Gøtterup Petersen  <BUP at bang-olufsen.dk> wrote:
>We are using NTP like most other companies to provide our products with the solid
>notion of time.
>I some countries we see ISP delivering routers to customers where port 123 is
>blocked. Stupid but true...
>I have looked through the documentation, but I am unable to find a way to alter
>the port # (Only as a plan B of course).
>Is this at all possible?

If the blocking is being done at the ISP theres not much you can do
about it other than ask them to remove it.

As an alternative you could ask them if they are running an NTP server
that they allow their customers to sync to.

					-- Rod --

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