[ntp:questions] which servers should be peers?

Maria Iano maria at iano.org
Mon Sep 16 15:24:53 UTC 2013

I have four data centers all able to communicate both over our internal network and over the internet. I have a stratum 1 ntp appliance pointing to GPS at each data center; so a total of 4. Each appliance has an interface on our internal network and an interface on the external internet-routable network. I am getting ready to deploy 12 physical servers which will act as stratum 2 ntp servers. I'm not primarily doing this to spread the load, but to try to cope with a worst case scenario in which all of our stratum 1 servers suddenly go insane.

Each data center will have at least one of these stratum 2 servers on the internal network and one on the external network. Our internal clients will point to the stratum 1 appliances and the internal stratum 2 servers, and our external clients will point to the stratum 1 appliances and external stratum 2 servers.

From my reading, I believe that each stratum 1 appliance should peer with all 15 other servers, both stratum 1 and stratum 2. Is that correct? Assuming that is correct, my question is whether I should have all of the stratum 2 servers peer with all 15 others as well?

I appreciate any advice you can give.


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