[ntp:questions] which servers should be peers?

Maria Iano maria at iano.org
Wed Sep 18 15:17:04 UTC 2013

Thank you for your responses! An example of what I'm trying to be able to weather with no problems is something like this.

Suddenly all four of our stratum 1 servers, due to some software glitch because they are all the same appliance, start saying it is some identical time in 1982. Of the 12 stratum 2 linux servers, two or three of them are unavailable due to network outage or other problems. The remaining 13 or 14 stratum 2 servers are all functioning normally and are reachable.

Am I going to be able to weather that? If ntpd can really only pay attention to 9 peers, it sounds like I may not be able to. Below these servers are hierarchies of AD servers and clients, networking equipment, and a variety of other servers that point to the stratum 1 servers currently and which will be reconfigured to point to the stratum 2 ones once complete. These are the systems that I would like to have the correct time throughout such a crisis.

Our stratum 1 servers can handle the load, so should I continue to have everything point to the stratum 1 as well as the stratum 2?

Many thanks!

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